Item shop 5/7/19


Ps today’s item shop is short

Todays Fotnite cosmetics is the Shadow Ops and the Silver fang which was one of the rarest skins mid 3rd seasons and to see it back is pretty surprising. The daily items are the Brite Bomber which was also a rare skin back in the day mid-season 3. The Brilliant Striker is also here again with the Spectre Axe. The glider today is the Checkered which is the matching glider for the Whiplash. Also, the dances of the day are the Squad Kick and the Click!


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Item Shop 5/5/2019

Todays Fortnite cosmetics are the Starlod skin and the Black Widow skin again for 3 days straight with the Pickaxe, Glider, And the dance for it. There is also the Whiteout with the feature to put the helmet on and of. And the boy version of that skin is the Overtaker with the feature also.

The daily items today is the Recon Specialist and the new Cole skin which is a Miner skin. The dances are the Star Power and the Waterworks dance. The gun skin is the Golden Scales. And the pickaxe is the Rockbreaker.


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Item shop 5/1/2019

The new Fortnite cosmetics are the Sterling skin and the Silver Stedge which matches the Sterling. There is also the Paradox skin which is a knight. The matching pickaxe for the Parado is the Vision and the matching glider is the Equilibrium. The Random skin mixed in with the featured items is the lace which is a girl clown skin.


The daily items are the Maki Master skin and the Rock Out dance. There is also the Sparkplug and the Twist dance. the random Pickaxe of the day is the Batsickle and the random gun skin is the Infernal.


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Item shop 4/30/2019

The new featured Fortnite cosmetics are the new Avengers x Fortnite skin, This time its Star-Lord and the Guardian axe and the Milage Glider matching the Star-Lord skin. The dance for the Star-Lord skin is the ”dance off” dance.

The new daily items are the Dream Flower skin which is a girl with flowers around her. And the Grill Sergeant which is a cooking skin. The daily 200 Buck dance is the True love which is someone blowing a kiss. And the Axe is the Nite Owl and the Glider is the Warthog.


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Item shop 4/29/2019

The new Fortnite cosmetics is the new Beastmode ack with 4 skins that are basically robot animals and the Dark Vanguard which is a female Dark Voyager. The matching cosmetics for the Beastmode pack is the Fuel which is the glider for it and the Beastnode wrap bundle that comes with 4 different gun skins. There is also the Deep Space Lander which is the matching glider for the Dark Voyager. Those were the featured items.


The new daily items are the Snorkel Ops which is a swimming skin with a snorkel. And the Abstrackt which is the Teknique boy skin and yes it is spelled that way. The glider is the Cloud Strike which is the first animated glider ever. The pickaxe is the Clutch Axe that doesn’t match with anything. The dances of the day are Boneless And smooth moves.


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Item shop 4/26/2019

Todays Fortnite cosmetics are. The Mula dance and the Clouldbraker pilot skin. The Gliders are the Moderne And the regular Default skin. The most important Skins today is the first Fortnite x Avengers skin, The Black Widow. Yes, that black widow from Avengers. There is a new color variant for a dance which is meant for Black Widow, Called the Flip Dance, And a lightning pickaxe meant for the omen.

Ps. Couldn’t find any English version.


Avengers endgame is coming out on 4/26/2019 and it’s one day before it comes out and I don’t know how it will end out. It takes place after Thanos erases 50% of all living creatures and that 50% left is assigned to take out Thanos and captain marvel will be helping out now since she got the signal from nick fury.  So I will be telling you how the movie is (Spoiler Warning).

Fortnite item shop 4/25/2019

The new Fortnite cosmetic items are the raptor which is a pretty rare skin that arrives every 1 month and the Brite Bomber which is a rare skin but common. The other skins are the Arctic Assassin which is a plain white clothed skin with glasses, And the Armadillo which is an army skin with camouflage glasses and bandana, And the Cuddle Team Leader which is a legendary skin. The dances are the pop lock which is a purple/Kind of really rare dance and the living large dance which is a blue/rare dance. The Gliders are the Targeted which matches the new common skin which is 800 Vbucks. The Pickaxe today is the Spectral Axe.

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Dragon ball super plot

Sometime after the defeat of Majin bu, peace has returned to Earth. Goku has settled down and works as a farmer to support his family. His family and friends live peaceful lives. However, a new threat appears in the form of the God of Destruction named Beerus, who is considered to be the most terrifying and the second most powerful being in Universe Seven. After awakening from decades of slumber, Beerus tells his Angel assistant and teacher named Whis that he is eager to fight the legendary warrior whom he had seen in a prophecy known as the Super Saiyan God to protect Earth, Goku transforms into the Super Saiyan God to fight Beerus by using the power of five Super Saiyans, which includes Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and the baby named Pan in Videl’s womb. Goku shows an immense amount of power, enough to impress Beerus. Despite losing, Goku’s efforts appease the God of Destruction enough that he decides to spare the planet.

Dragon ball z Q&A


Is Goku the most powerful ever?

No Goku isn’t the most powerful anime character ever. In the show Dragon Ball Super itself there are people who are way stronger than Goku! He is the Ultimate God in Dragon Ball Universe … But yes, if we are just talking about the protagonists (lead characters), Goku is certainly the strongest of them all.


Who is stronger Vegeta or Goku?

Vegeta briefly becomes stronger than him when he ascends to a super Saiyan and remains stronger than him until Goku trains in the hyperbolic time chamber. Goku has been stronger ever since. But by the end of Dragon Ball GT, both of them are Super Saiyan 4 and equal in terms of power.
Why is Goku called kakarot?
Vegeta has known Goku as Kakarot, which is his Saiyan name, since before he was sent to Earth. The name Goku was given to him by Gohan, who brought him up on Earth, and that is the name everyone else knows him by. FYI, Goku’s brother, Raditz also called him Kakarot.